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  1. Why do you use Bamboo Fiber?

Bamboo has several advantages over cotton and other fibers – being more breathable, durable and thermoregulatory. Bamboo Fiber is also anti-microbial and resists the growth of odor-causing bacteria and the product feels fresh even after multiple uses.

Additionally, from a sustainability point of view, bamboo is the world’s fastest growing grass, requires no pesticides while growing, absorbs greenhouse gases and releases 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees. It’s a better alternative to most other natural fibers, like cotton, that are prone to pests and require a lot of chemicals that are harmful for the environment. Most artificial fibers, also made using harmful chemicals, end up in landfills and pollute the groundwater and environment.

  1. Why do you use Polyester Fiber if it’s not sustainable?

We are all in for using sustainable fibers and fabrics, but at the same time are saddened by the amount of plastic waste created by consumers and organizations alike. Our aim is to prevent non-biodegradable plastic waste from ending up in landfills or our water bodies by simply giving it a second life. Our recycled polyester t-shirts can be further recycled and reused. If you can’t kill it, reuse it.

  1. What are the care instructions for the products?

We recommend that you wash both Bamboo and Polyester based products in cold water and hang dry. Use detergent that isn’t harsh on the product fabric but still cleans well. We do not recommend ironing but if you decide to iron, do it at a low setting and do not iron the reflective strips wherever present. We have found that most of the products do not require ironing at all and wrinkles, if any, go away after a wear.